The Story Behind F.a.T

Fat Gurl Fitness is a community that focuses on taking the NEGATIVITY out of the word FAT! Instead of a negative connotation, we define F.A.T as Focused and Transforming!


Through workshops, group sessions and social media, we will share our struggles and successes with weight loss. Although weight is seems to be our primary focus it starts with TOTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS, mind, body, soul and spirit!


I share my personal weight loss journey and the struggles that come along with it as well as provide valuable information that will help you on your personal journey to become the BEST you that YOU can BE!


The cycle of obesity and emotional struggles can end when we take our lives day, pound, and inch at a time.


As I tipped the scale at almost 270 pounds I knew I had to do something and I want to bring you along with me on my journey and help you see that there is light at the end of this tunnel.


Happy to be F.A.T

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